Pharaoh of Joseph




Damien F. Mackey




According to my article:





the Pharaoh before whom Joseph stood (Genesis 41:46) was a combination of


Djoser (Zoser)                         3rd dynasty

Djedkare Isesi                                     5th dynasty

Mentuhotep II                                     11th dynasty


who, commonly, celebrated a Heb-Sed (Jubilee) festival, indicating a long reign.


Zoser’s Heb-Sed:


Djedkare Isesi’s Heb-Sed:


Alabaster vase bearing an inscription celebrating the first occasion of the Sed festival of Djedkare Isesi. Musee du Louvre E5323.


Mentuhotep II’s Heb-Sed:

Statue of King Mentuhotep II in the Jubilee Garment


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