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Has Velikovsky Correctly Placed the Ice Age?

From: Chronology and Catastrophism Workshop, SIS, May 1988 Number 1, p. 41 ….

Many times in Worlds in Collision and Earth in Upheaval Dr Velikovsky equates the beginning of the Pleistocene or ice age with the time of the Exodus, circa 1450 BC. On pages 114-126 of Earth in Upheaval he gives a graphic description of what he thinks happened when the ice age began. The description however sounds more like the Noachian Deluge than the Exodus. We can therefore expect Velikovsky to run into problems with his placement of the Noah/Saturn Flood and the events of that time. Presumably Velikovsky must place the Deluge in the era prior to the Pleistocene (Glacial Age). A check of the chart on p.l84 of Earth in Upheaval will show this period is known as the Tertiary or “Age of Mammals”. Under the conventional time scale it is allocated 70 million years and is followed by one million years of the ice age and then followed by 30,000 years of the Recent or Holocene Age. This system is greatly overstr…

A Better Model for the Stone Age

By A.J.M. Osgood

The accepted model of man's origin and development is evolutionary. It assumes a long period of time for man's development from a primitive origin to a civilized state. Textbooks assume this model. Our popular literature is full of pictures of developing man and cave man, allowing the artist to exercise his imagination fully. The modern media bombards us with the idea of man's evolutionary origin, and constant assumptions of long ages of time for man's presence on this earth backed by questionable dating methods. Indeed, most writers on this particular subject assume that the case is closed, that the essential framework of man's development in what is known as the stone age is a 'fait accompli' which has no right to be questioned, and all that is now needed is to fill in the details of the exact timing and the steps involved. Such assumptions, however, are questioned here. The framework will here be reasoned to be faulty and a different mod…

Ezra the Scribe Identified as Nehemiah the Governor