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A Largely Plausible Interpretation of Genesis 10's Table of Nations

Table of Nations


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The passage of Scripture known as the Table of Nations is Genesis 10, in which the first few generations of the sons of Noah (Shem, Ham, and Japheth) are described. Some of the lines have only 1 generation from their founder, while other have 3-4. The Abrahamic line from Shem is the only one that is maintained in Genesis, because it is the line through which the Messiah would come. The book of Genesis had multiple authors (probably around 10 different contributors) who would each contribute their part of the stories and the relevant geneaology. However, the Bible is clear in attributing the final editing and combining of the records of Genesis to Moses.There are several theories as to how the nations spread out after Noah and his family left the ark. Some scholars believe that the nations were forcibl…