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Pharaoh of Abraham and Isaac


Damien F. Mackey

Upon close examination, the Book of Genesis appears to provide us with several vital clues
about the “Pharaoh” encountered by Abram and Sarai.

These may be such clues as can assist us in determining just who was, in the Egyptian records, this enigmatic ruler.
From a study of the structure of the relevant Genesis passages, from toledôt and chiasmus, as considered in my article:

Toledôt Explains Abram's Pharaoh

we learned that the biblical pharaoh:

Was the same as the Abimelech of Gerar, ruler of the Philistines, contemporaneous with both Abram (Abraham) and Isaac.

Which means that:

This particular pharaoh must have reigned for at least 60+ years (the span from Abram’s famine to the marriage of Isaac and Rebekah).

The era of Abram also closely approximated, we have found - as archaeologically determined by Dr. John Osgood - the time of Narmer.
Now, while some consider this Narmer to have been the …

Toledôt Explains Abram’s Pharaoh