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True Mount Sinai in the Paran Desert

Damien F. Mackey

A few years ago there appeared in The Jerusalem Post what I considered to be a most interesting article written by Stephen Linde, entitled “Vatican to accept that Mt. Sinai is in Negev, not Egypt” ( I have been promoting for years the idea that Mount Har Karkom in Israel’s southern desert (Negev) – {and not the tourist destination of Jebel Musa (“Mount of Moses”) in the Sinai Peninsula} – is the true Mount Sinai. All credit goes to archaeologist professor Emmanuel Anati, firstly for recognizing Har Karkom as the sacred mountain, and, more recently, for bringing his prolific research to the attention of Vatican officials.

Anati said that it had taken the Catholic Church several years to be persuaded by his argument, and recognition had been a slow process. “About three-and-a-half years ago, I had a telephone call from the Vatican that a priest of high standing wanted to meet with me, and…

Tiglath-pileser King of Assyria