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Rivers of Paradise Now Clinched?

There has recently appeared on a Christian website an article, “The Lost Rivers of the Garden of Eden”, that has taken virtually to its completion our own previous effort to make geographical sense of the riverine system described in Genesis chapter 2:10-14. ( The reader will find the major part of “The Lost Rivers of the Garden of Eden” in a previous post on this site, with some of its important maps even included; though it is recommended to enthusiasts to visit the site itself, in order to study all of the maps (including a satellite photo) presented there.
In our article, “The Location of Paradise” - which has for quite a long time now been situated at the popular Catholic Apologetics International site, there entitled “Paradise Found …” ( - we had reached the conclusion that the four named rivers of Genesis 2 had enframed, so to speak, the original Paradise, with two o…