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Can the Battle of Thermopylae be Re-fitted into the Judith Drama?

If "King Xerxes [Was] Clearly Based on King Sennacherib":

whose massive Assyrian army was defeated through the agency of the Simeonite heroine, Judith, see
A Revised History of the Era of King Hezekiah of Judah and its Background

Damien F. Mackey
and if Collins is right that the Spartans arose from the tribe of Simeon: Collins Believes Spartans Were ‘Missing Simeonites’
then the improbable 'Battle of Thermopylae' must be in actuality a vague (and obviously fictitious) recalling of the real life drama between the forces of Sennacherib and the northern (e.g. Simeonite) Israelites (Jews).

But what about the female factor coupled with the beheading of an Alpha male?

She is Queen Tomyris, who has so often been paired with Judith in literatur…