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On Evaluating Merits of Revised Chronologies

[To Damien Mackey],

It's a joy to find your work. About seven months ago, I became very interested in chronological revisionism, first concerning the exodus from Egypt and conquest of Canaan, but then more radical revisionism so that the Egyptian civilization (and others) might postdate the Flood (around 2274 BC in my estimation). I've read the work of David Rohl and Peter James, who appear to be "soft revisionists"- reworking the chronology so that the exodus and conquest make good sense, and I'm starting to read Donovan Courville right now. The difficulty is that I, as a non-expert, have virtually no way of evaluating the merits of these respective chronologies, especially where they diverge (concerning whether the Old Kingdom ought to undergo a radical revision and concerning the dates of the Amarna period on).

Do you have any recommendations as to where I should begin, and what work I should read first?

Thanks much,

Damien Mackey Replies:

.... I …

Complete Failure by Archaeologists to Recognise Era of Kings David and Solomon


According to our research, pharaoh Thutmose III post-dated King Solomon, Thutmose being the biblical "Shishak King of Egypt" who despoiled the Temple of Yahweh shortly after Solomon's death (I Kings 14:25). See e.g. our:
Why Thutmose III can be ‘King Shishak of Egypt’
but current archaeologists present quite a different - and totally mystifying - scenario, as pointed out in this recent comment: 
.... very interesting article, from April 14, 2015? Take note of the recent "Egyptian" finds recovered at Kibbutz Lahav, probably the ancient Biblical city of "Ziklag" (the one that the Philistine king Achish gave to King David). Here we have found artifacts from the 15th century BC. but can we find anything from the 10th? Oh, no! It is as if the "more ancient" activities of Thutmose III and Amenhotep III were preserved as if by magic down to our day to prove their existence…