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Archaeological Correlates for Israelite Conquest of Palestine

What can really be put to the test, archaeologically, is that very distinctive biblical situation of the Conquest of Palestine by the Israelites, with so many towns and cities affected, but in different ways (e.g. complete destruction and burning, in some cases, or peaceful settlement). For me the unequivocal meeting place of archaeology and the Old Testament is the activity of the nomadic (some dispute this) Middle Bronze I (MBI) people upon the previous Early Bronze III (EBIII) civilisation. I refer to both their destructive work and places of settlement. Dr. John Osgood provides maps in his article showing how well MBI correlates with Israel:
And no less an authority than Dr Rudolph Cohen (former Director of the Israel Antiquities Authority), a conventionalist, has come around to the conclusion that MBI = Israelites, subsequent to his writing in the July1983 edition of Biblical Archaeology Review an artic…