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A Guide to those Perplexed About Biblical Archaeology

by Damien F. Mackey

Bible believers who might lack a proper perspective with regard to how biblical characters and events sit in relation to archaeological levels and geographical locations can sometimes latch on to the report of a new archaeological discovery believed to confirm the Bible, when in fact it doesn’t have any bearing whatsoever on what it purports to uphold. That is exactly the case with a recent situation regarding SODOM as pointed out to me by a reader, who had suggested that the reported finding of the destroyed city of Sodom, Tell-el-Hammam, 14 km NE of the Dead Sea (, might be worth our playing close attention to.
IT IS NOT! And that is precisely what I told the reader.
It was sufficient - for me to feel compelled to reject the site’s validity for Sodom - merely to read that this site showing destruction (and ‘a heat event’ has even been proposed as the cause of this destruction, thereby seeming …