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Read All About it: the Real Prophet Job!

The Book of Job is widely regarded as being a masterpiece of literature.

But the prophet Job himself is virtually unknown. Estimates for his era, one of the most hotly contested of biblical issues, have ranged over 1200 years of uncertainty.

Moreover, was Job a foreigner to Israel or an Israelite?

Read now the whole true story: Who Job was, and from whence he came. And in what era he actually lived.

Read his very genealogy. And learn of his notable biblical alter ego.

All of this important biblico-historical information is there waiting for you at:

or at:

Australian Megafauna hunted to death


Megafauna hunted to death, says new data by: Leigh Dayton, Science writer From: The Australian
March 23, 2012 5:00AM


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An artist's illustration of the giant extinct kangaroo Procoptodon goliah,which stood approximately 3 metres tall. Picture: The Australian Source: The Australian

NEW data from Australian scientists adds to the growing body of evidence that blames people for the demise of the continent's giant plant-eating animals.

According to findings reported today in Science, most of Australia's so-called megafauna vanished about 40,000 years ago following the arrival of humans.

After analysing a 130,000-year-long record of pollen and charcoal from two sediment cores from Lynch's Crater, in northeast Australia, the team led by Susan Rule of Canberra's Australian National University concluded: "Our results suggest that human arrival rather than …

The Middle Bronze I People Were Clearly the Israelites

This article was published in the Spring 1995 issue of Jewish Action, put out by the Union of Orthodox Rabbis. Because Jewish Action is a family magazine, the article is a popular, rather than scholarly one. This does not mean that the arguments in it are faulty; I stand behind them fully. Feedback is welcome. - Lisa

The Exodus and Ancient Egyptian Records

"And Moses said unto the people: Do not fear! Stand and see the deliverance of Hashem which he shall do for you this day. For as you have seen Egypt this day, never will you see it again." (Exodus 14:13)

When was the Exodus?

The Exodus from Egypt was not only the seminal event in the history of the Jewish People, but was an unprecedented and unequaled catastrophe for Egypt. In the course of Pharaoh's stubborn refusal to let us leave and the resultant plagues sent by Hashem, Egypt was devastated. Hail, disease and infestations obliterated Egypt's produce and livestock, while the plague of the first born stripped t…