Saturday, September 20, 2014

“… love the fact that Nefertiti was Jezebel”

An interested London correspondent has commented on a revised El Amarna (EA):


1. First of all love the fact that Nefertiti was Jezebel. Yes! Smashed skull on a Mummy recently identified by Joann Fletcher as nef.
2. Was yuya Tushratta
3. Was Tiye (first Mitannian Princess Amenhotep married) the Q ueen of Sheba
4. Therefore was Amenhotep III Solomon. Absolutely identical descriptions
5. Did Akhenaten have children with Tiye
6. Nefertiti and Akhenaten brother and sister?
7. Amenhotep III not the father of either, more likely Yuya or Aye?
8. I like Velikovsky’s theory of Oedipus.
9. All 18 th dynasty old Hyksos/ Mitannian?
10. Could Smenkhare and Nef have plotted to take over as Akhenaten had a child (Tutankhamen) by another wife therefore threatening Nef’s succession. That’s why they murdered her.
11. I am stil wrestling with Akhenaten. I just don’t get him. Was he brought in as a successor because there were no suitable candidates for Pharoah.
Also have you seen the Armanan head portraits. I think I have identified Yuya and either Amenhotep son of Hapu or Horemheb.

To which Damien Mackey responds:

1. I think that Nefertiti and Jezebel are a pretty good match. Though this one seems to be popular on the Net, I am surprised that revisionists have not generally embraced it.
2. Yes, I believe that Yuya was Tushratta. I have multi-identified Tushratta, including also equating him with Velikovsky’s Ben-hadad = Abdi-ashirta (of EA).
3. No. The Queen of Sheba belongs to an earlier era, the time of King Solomon, when Israel was not divided. Tiye belongs to the era of the Divided Kingdom (of Israel and Judah).
4. Amenhotep III as Solomon seems to have become a most popular one lately. They are similar in many ways. That is because, as I believe, Amenhotep III was a descendant of King Solomon – hence very much like Solomon. See also 9. below.
5. I have tentatively argued that Queen Tiye was, again, Queen Neferti-ti(tiye). So, my answer to this question would be ‘yes’.
6. In my scheme, Nefertiti/Jezebel was Indo-European. I have tentatively identified Akhnaton with King Ahab of Israel (a powerful Omride), the husband of Jezebel.
7. Yuya’s wife, Tuya, was probably the mother of Nefertiti, whilst Yuya himself was Nefertiti’s father-in-law. See Johnny Zwick on Yuya as a ruler of Syria: If Nefertiti were Jezebel, then her father must have been the biblical Ithobaal, ruler of Sidon (1 Kings 16:31).
8. I love it, too. I think that the Oedipus saga has to be, at least in part, based on EA.
9. The 18th dynasty Thutmosids were actually, according to my House of David article for (, and various other articles of mine, the dynasty of King David himself. King Solomon was, not Amenhotep III, but Thutmose II.
For more on this, see my site:
10. I haven’t looked into this one. But I’d consider anything was possible with the devious Nefertiti.
11. I can only suggest here my theory that Akhnaton was also the biblical King Ahab of Israel.

Most interested to see what you yourself can come up with.

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